Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Mounting Solutions Plus (MSP) is a distributor of A.R.M.S. Mounts , AR15, AIMPOINT Comp Scopes and other high quality shooting products for the discriminating shooter in the varmint, competition and tactical disciplines. Our line of bases and rings are without peer and will team most popular bolt actions to the finest scopes. Also included are mounts for reflex or red dot sights; such as, the Holosight and the Aimpoint Comp.



Review: Toshiba Satellite P105-S6024 a solid budget laptop
CNN - While its gaming-oriented sibling has cool blue LEDs that glow from beneath the speakers and inside the vents, the Satellite P105-S6024 sticks with a subdued gray-and-silver case that could easily fit in at the workplace. But the laptop's rounded

Pass the bong and the NoDoz
Dallas Observer - Of course, it's a Sunday, and there's school tomorrow, but the place is a flashing, bumping graveyard, even with the few sets of glow sticks twirling in the mist. As I fiddle with my Razr, a short, round man in a flannel shirt rushes up to me

Stephen Marley in Tallahassee, M.I.A. in India and Klaxons on Fire
New York Times - As they harmonize over catchy, cyber-psychedelic pop, they smash giant glow sticks with samurai swords. Are they trying to declare the year-old nu-rave scene over already, or are they just trying to build up some biceps? Either way there are

Why Are We Running This Story?
Egypt Today - The coals glow against the dark maasal (molasses) and the water gurgles inside the glass bowl. Thick, whitish smoke leaks with colleagues. We sit together, discuss business and smoke shisha, he says, noting that the rest of the time he sticks

Kern County's #1 Marketplace
Bakersfield Californian - The scientific research facilities at China Lake have created numerous inventions not only in the aerospace industry but many things that have been converted to consumer use as well including video technology and glow in the dark sticks. The sites

The Unlikely Stars Of The Internet
CBS News - no advertising until one of the company's marketing execs decided to film Dickson, in his science teacher-like approach complete with lab coat, as he blended a mix of odd and varied items including (but not limited to) marbles, an iPod, glow sticks

ATU2 - Tree Band on stage The Joshua Tree Band on stage (diff. shot) Sherry quizzes a prizewinner U2 fans having a great time at the Hard Rock! @U2's Ben M. shows off his talent with glow sticks The


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