Sunday, April 01, 2007

Beretta 92

I had some of the cheap eagle mags from CDNN so I thought I would try them out in my XD and the hole in front on the eagle mags was in the exact place it needed to be and I filed the top of the hole flat and it worked just fine and in fact it worked better in my XD than my 92 because they would not feed HPs in my Beretta 92 but would in the XD. They did stick out the bottom of the grip a bit though. I am sure you could do the same thing with decent mags however with being able to buy hi cap mags for the XD that fit flush I am not sure if it would be worth buying mags just to modify but it is nice to know if you own both colt mustang.



gun accessories for ar-15 2006 September
harris bipods (photo by xcibes) Colt M16A2 harris bipods conversion kits/replacement barrels, M16A4 FSB s and late replacement M16A1 barrels have a jibberish forge code:

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