Sunday, April 08, 2007

SIG 556

The Picatinny rail equipped receiver is made of high strength carbon steel with a durable wear-resistant Nitron X rifle finish. The trigger housing is made from a heat treated aircraft grade aluminum alloy with a hard-coat anodized finish designed to survive extreme conditions. The rifle comes equipped with a smooth two-stage trigger. The SIG 556 also features an ambidextrous safety and is designed to accept standard AR magazines. A 30-round magazine is supplied with each rifle. Spare battery compartments are provided in the ergonomically designed pistol grip as well as the rubber padded watertight adjustable butt stock. The butt stock also offers sling attachment points. In addition to the standard model SIG 556 which will begin to ship in late Fall of 2006, SIGARMS will also offer the SIG 556 SWAT. The SWAT model will feature the same compact design of the standard SIG 556 with 16 barrel but will feature a flat top Picatinny railed receiver and a tactical quad rail. These two rifles are the first of several new SIG 556 models that are currently in development at SIGARMS. The wait is over. The new U.S. made SIG 556 begins shipping in late Fall because the time has come.



Glow Stick

Some flashlights have an electrical generator built into it. Dynamo-powered flashlights have a winding crank connected to a stepper motor that feeds several diode bridges with their outputs connected in parallel feeding a field effect transistor that charges a capacitor that connects to one or more Glow Stick. Others generate electricity using electromagnetic induction. They use a strong permanent magnet that can freely slide up and down a tube, passing through a coil of wire as it does. Shaking the flashlight will charge a capacitor or a rechargeable battery that supplies a current to a light source, typically a light-emitting diode or, more rarely, an incandescent light bulb. However, these types of flashlights have been reported to be ineffective because of the low energy.[citation needed]



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