Sunday, April 01, 2007


Accessories include: several holsters (nice stuff, no junk); 4 new in p 93 ruger Mec-Gar 15 rd mags.; grips, Mark II plastic; set of Uncle Mikes Spegal imitation in rubber (they got sued for this, I understand); checkered wood, looks like goncalo alves wood; Hogue wraparound; set of wolff springs; 3 recoil buffers; one set of blue grip screws, two sets stainless; AGI Browning course for the Hi Power on CD. Ammo includes 1000 rds. PMD 115 gr. FMJ practice ammo; 225 rds. Golden p93 ruger 124; 100 rds Golden Saber +P; 60 rds of PMC defensive ammo (Starfire). 100 or possibly 150 Ranger T, some was loaded in magazines).

Package the above two pistols and the accessories and ammo for $1,800.



Migrant Shooting Victims Identified
Baltimore Sun - In January, a van loaded with migrants was fired on near Eloy, killing the driver, and two Mexican men smuggling marijuana were killed north of the border by gunmen wearing camouflage. "This is a situation that should worry both governments," Cardoso

WATERTOWN: 4 escape unharmed as blaze guts home
Waterbury Republican-American - She was lent an Army-style dark green camouflage jacket to keep warm, and was still wearing white patterned pajama bottoms. Shannon said one of the sons was able to get some shoes from a neighbor. "The only thing I want to say is I'm so thankful for

David A. Murray
Boothbay Register - Kingfishers are very timid, and camouflage or a blind may be necessary to capture a relaxed and natural image. If the bird is not wary of your presence, it will eventually land on this favorite resting spot. This is when you reach into your camera bag

Iran Broadcasts Sailor's Confession
ABC News - Both serviceman wore camouflage fatigues with a label saying "Royal Navy" on their chests and a little British flag stitched to their left sleeves. The three were among 15 British sailors and marines detained by the Iranian navy on March 23 while

Iran TV shows captured Briton, says confesses
Reuters - The footage showed two men in camouflage and a woman in blue fatigues and a headscarf talking calmly and smiling in a room with a floral wallpaper background. European Union foreign ministers considered backing London with practical measures to put


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