Saturday, March 31, 2007

colt model 1911

I want to make something happen. I always try to be fair in my dealing. I understand FN is no longer going to import the Colt 1908 ; take that for what it's worth in the effect on 380 colt government mustang .

Well I think I lost it. I offered to buy a 1911 colt development government model model sight unseen the other day. The price seemed right so what the hell. Well the gentleman showed up with it and I bought it. I have to say I'm not a fan of nickle plating but it's growing on me.
I can't figure out the barrel set up. The barrel sticks out the front a half inch? It looks like a bull barrel with no bushing. The guide rod is a full length onecolt officer model



Captive British sailor apologizes in video
1:32 p.m.

Iran broadcasts British sailor's apology
One of the 15 British service members held captive in Iran appeared Friday on the government's Arabic-language TV and apologized for entering Iranian waters "without permission." The Iranians meanwhile released a third letter allegedly by captured sailor Faye Turney, in which she said she has been "sacrificed" to the policies of the British and U.S. governments.

The Tour Blog Join us on the revamped swing through Florida
Welcome to the Tour Blog, where Golfweek reporters Jeff Babineau , Jeff Rude, Rex Hoggard , Dave Seanor, Alex Miceli, Alistair Tait and Beth Ann Baldry deliver the latest inside news and happenings on the PGA Tour, LPGA and European Tour.

An Angel, from head to toe
You always know when the Guardian Angels are coming - you can see their red berets and jackets from blocks away. Founder Curtis Sliwa said that bold color has been the cornerstone of the Angels'...


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